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Energy Certification

The Energy Certificate (now called APE Attestato Energia Energetica) is a document issued following verification of the energy performance of a real estate unit. It contains the energetic identification that summarizes the characteristics of dispersion and energy consumption of the building. The property's energy classes range from the letter A to G.
The validity of the energy certificates is 10 years and must be updated every time you make interventions or renovations that affect the energy efficiency of the building.


Who can do the APE?
"The certifier must be a qualified subject and enrolled in the College or Professional Register (Surveyors, Architects, Engineers) and who has attended a specialization course lasting 90 hours, with annual updates provided by the Regions."

When does the APE serve?
"If you need to sell your own home, sign a new lease, to publish an advertisement to sell or rent your property.The production of the APE is also mandatory in the case of request for access to tax deductions."

* offer
The offer is valid for all customers who use our other services for an amount exceeding € 500 or for exclusive sales mandates of their property.

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