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Cadastral Change - Modification of the Plan and Cadastral data
The Cadastral Variations are documents with which you communicate to the Territory Agency through a practice written by a professional with the DOCFA program any changes in the status of a property. The most frequent changes are required following a change in the internal distribution, for an exact graphic representation of a building or simply to change the incorrect data on the view.

What is the purpose of the cadastral variation?


"especially in times past when changes were made to the distribution of interior spaces, even of minor importance, although there was the obligation to do so, the plan conformed to the new state of affairs was not stacked, there being no need in the sales to attach the planimetry, which is necessary today for the request of notaries who have the obligation to attach to the deed of sale the plan conforming to the state of fact.
It is still not mandatory for the leases to attach the cadastral plan to the contract, which we still recommend to do to protect the owner for the simple reason that the tenant could for his personal need to change the interior spaces without the appropriate permissions."

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