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CILA - Communication Works Started
The Asseverata Works Communication is an administrative practice that represents a
starting in 2010 one of the most used urban planning tools. The conversion law n. 73/2010 specifies that with the CILA it is possible to carry out extraordinary maintenance works for a different distribution of the internal spaces as long as they do not involve changes to the load-bearing structures of the building.

How can I present the CILA?



"From May 16th 2016 it has become compulsory to present CILA in the Municipality of Rome only electronically through the platform called SUET, the practice must be presented by a recognized professional and registered in the portal of the municipality of Rome, even the owner must have a account active by a private citizen for online services, in this way will also have the ability to monitor the status of the request and check what is transmitted by the citizen and the professional. "

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